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Sep. 2nd, 2006

So I sorted all of our dirty laundry today, to youknow, clean it, and I put in a load of nothing but socks and underwear, not a huge load either, and the washing machine wouldn't handle it.  I'm going to be doing at LEAST ten loads today, I guarantee. SO! Rather than buy a pug with the money in our pug fund, we're going to save some more and use it to buy a new washer and dryer.  to heck with these old crappy ones...

Anyways, ON TO PICTURES!!!!!!

WHOO!!! So today is mine and Marcs 2 year 11 month anniversary. Three years next month!! AHH!! haha Not too shabby for someone who has never had a boyfriend before... ;) Anyways, we went to the mall and I got him a computer game (despite not really having much $$$) But thats okay. Then We went to the Olive garden for dinner. We had nummy salad and breadsticks, and Marc had the lasagna, and I had ravioli. SO GOOD. I feel all full and stuffed now. I plan on just spending the rest of the night vegging out in front of the tv, and then sleeping because we were up early for curling.

And, CHANGING MY MIND YET AGAIN... I am going to take the job at Future shop. My sister called and told me that yes, I should take it, because everyone is really excited to work with me apparently. Meh. I'll likely be working seven days a week or something, but thats okay. I can deal with that. At least I'll always be busy. It may only be a seasonal position anyways.

And I think for the rest of the night I'm going to look at fonts for my new tattoos that I have planned. I'm going to get one song lyric going around each wrist. FOr my left, I'm getting "she had become like they are" from Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult and on my right I'm getting " I am one big fleeting, errant, contradiction." From Neither of Us Can See by Incubus. Because, that line is me in a nutshell. hahaha

I also finished a wonderful present for my buddy annie in the states... If she wants, I will post a picture before I send it to her. Or, I can keep it a surprise until after she gets it;) Your call ladyface!!

Anyways, I am off to search for fonts. I will let you know what I decide on.


So today was awesome.  I was supposed to go shopping for some pants for Future shop, but after talking it over with my sister and finding out more about the job itself, I've decided against it. (I KNOW!! I'm so indescisive) But basically it sounds like its going to be like centennial in the whole not actually doing anything aspect.  She told me that if you try to do work, you get in trouble. Fair enough.  Although this does NOT mean I'm not still trying to find a new job.

Then I was talking to my bro about mp3 players and stuff, and he sold me his *slightly* used one for 30 bucks. Its only 256mb or something like that, but thats alright with me. For 30 bucks you truly cannot go wrong... so I think Marc is goign to get me something different and fun for Christmas now that I don't need an mp3.  So I spent the majority of my morning putting songs and such on it. *squee*

Then the sister and I went to shoppers so that she could get her birth control, and some other random stuff, and then we went to Winners to waste a bit of time before we had to get Micoola.  Yadda yadda, walked around a bit, and I came up with an idea for my moms Christmas present.  I'm going to get three photo albums and do one for each of us kids.  Mmm Hmmm... I'm that creative.  I think something like that with all of our lives in order will mean more to her than pyjamas or the usual gifts I get her.

Picked up Micoola from Petland as well as some fish food for my poor bettas.  One of whom looks like hes dying.  I just might have to clean him tomorrow. THat or the other two fishes that are in with him are picking on him.   ANYWAYS after we picked her up we went to the flea market again. I was able to get EVERYTHING I missed out on last weekend!!! Although that pretty ring wasn't there this time.  I got my stephen king book, and this candle oil burner thing, (I'll post pictures tomorrow when I get home) thats these three Egyptian cats holding this dish thing, as well as two picture type things that are all greek and cool.  AND!!! I got batman decals for my car.  Hahaha. I put the Bat symbol in the middle of my steering wheel so I can pretend I'm driving the batmobile.

After the flea market, we went to Dollarrama and I got some of my christmas shopping done. (Good quality, just really inexpensive). Then Micaela and I went out for dinner with her parents, and now I am at Marcs house diddling on the computer and working on my present for Annie.  (I got you something from dollarama too!!) HOPEFULLY it should be on the way within the next two weeks or so. :)

Aaaand... I think I am done.  Now I will leave you with pictures that I promised to show you guys quite a few entries ago...

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Nov. 12th, 2005

There are so many things/people around lj that make me giggle. LOTS. I got the job at future shop. I've got to call the woman tomorrow and let her know that, YES I will take it. And then I have to get beige pants. i'm also going to a flea market tomorrow afternoon with my sister and micoola and possibly kyra. Which would be nice. Then I am going ot hang out with mine sexalicious boyfriend. Because I love him and stuff. :P

::EDIT:: Speaking of the boyfriend... I told him my latest tattoo Idea that I am EXTREMELY likely to get... and he seems rather receptive of the idea:) (annie that would be the one going around the wrist... and I haven't started on your present yet... I keep meaning to and get distracted ugh... I swear I'll do it on the weekend!!!!)

Nov. 9th, 2005

OKay, so now that I'm sober and have had a chance to calm down after my day yesterday, I will recount the day as it happened and why it was so bad.  So I get there early, there was only one puppy kennel, and then three jack russel terriers in the adoption side.  I was completely worried about there being poops, but it was fine.  Which was awesome. So I'm doing my stuff, getting everything done, and making sure I do a thurough job of it because we have some sick kittens, and I just don't want anything else to get sick, especially when I'm the one working the kennels for that day... So anyways, I'm taking a small break at 840, and Vaughn comes into the staffroom saying that Anna needs a lift, and can someone go get her? I said I would, because there wasn't much left for me to do, and there wasn't lots of charts for me to do this afternoon, so I was kinda taking my time making sure everything was awesome.  So I go get Anna and come back to the store, and get started/finished on the kittens I was doing.  At 9:40, Cynthia shows up to the store because she had to go vaccinate some puppies, and had to pick up her vaccinations and stuff.  The first thing she says to me, is why are you so far behind?  Personally, I didn't feel like I was behind at all, because this is where I normally would be even if the kennels were all full of puppies.  And all I had left to clean were our really sick kittens in the boarding room and the ferrets.  Which takes not even 20 minutes to do them. I don't know if she maybe thought that I was being rude or what... but she left to vaccinate the puppies and stuff, and I finished my opening stuff.  Then Micaela couldn't work, because she got bitten really badly by a gecko the night before, and had sprained her thumb, so she couldn't really bag fish or really even stick her hand in a tank, so she got some people to cover her shift.  One of the people was Heather.  However, Heather needed to be picked up, and once again, I was the one to jump to the rescue.  But Jessica (who was super for the day) told Micaela that Cynthia bitched at her because I "was behind".  And she really didn't want me to go get Heather. Of course, I got to go anyways, because Micaela helped out and did some stuff for me in kennels while I was gone, (although I finished up 45 minutes early).  Then Cynthia got back from her breeders and I was in the back getting water or chapstick or something, and Joy said she wanted to talk to her in the office or something.  Somehow, I KNEW I was going to be getting written up.  I don't know how I knew it, and I didn't know what for, (I figured it would be because it took me a long time to open?) but when you pull someone into the office and close the door, its usually not a good thing.  So I go back into the kennels, get the rest of my stuff done, have some extra time, weigh most of the birds, finish up the laundry, sweep, mop, bleach all the counters and everything.  So I answer a few phone calls to kill the last four or so minutes of my shift, and head to the back to swipe out and go home.  As I walk into the staffroom, Joy is eating her lunch.  Shes like, oh, I need to speak to you for a minute.  And pulls me into the office where Jessica is on the computer, and Micaela is doing something with papers.  She told Micaela to leave, and pulls out a piece of paper that shes had hidden away under another stack of stuff. I got written up for "being rude to supervisors" and "for sitting on the counter in the kennels after she'd been warned about it".  Honestly, I never once thought I was being rude to anyone. If I had, I would have appreciated someone saying Amanda, You're being rude. So that I could have apologized.  And not ONCE has anyone, supervisor, manager, head office person, other pet councellor, ANYBODY told me to not sit on the counters.  The main reason I do it, is so that I can do my paperwork.  I'm tall. The counter is not. It hurts my back to lean and fill out six files worth of crap. So I sit on the counter with my little stool, and fill it out like the stool were a desk.  IT doesn't hurt my back, and it gets it all done.  Whenever someone has walked in and seen me doing this, they usually laugh at me and walk out, or ask a question and leave.  I've since written a letter of rubuttal or something that I'm going to give to Christine today, and find out who complained so that I may apologize, because I don't want or need people feeling that I'm rude to them.  I will let you all know how it goes. Micaela is also going to give me a photocopy of every one of my writeups so that I may have them on record. I don't know what I'll need them for, but its nice to have them. Either way, I am now in the process of finding myself a new job.  I deserve better than this.  And its definitely not worth 8.00 an hour. 

And I'm too lazy to post pictures. I'll do it later.

Nov. 8th, 2005

I am going to update tomorrow with a rather extensive entry (including some pictures from halloween) and my rant/quest for a new job. I've had the most horrible day today, and I really need to get it out. But not right now. I don't possess the patience or mental capacity to do it.

Nov. 3rd, 2005

So I woke up this morning at six thirty because I had to drive Marc to school. Dammit. I was totally excited about sleeping in too. So, I come home with the ambition to finish the stuff i started earlier in the week (putting away clothes and the like) and decided to... not. I got bored really fast. Anyways, so I hung out a whole bunch, played around with my tarot cards a bit, and then got bored of that too. well, not bored persay... Just figured I could do something a little more constructive with my time. So I showered and did my hair all fun. No makeup today though... wearing the glasses. So I'm sitting at my computer desk, and my mom comes down with a package for me!!! IT WAS FROM ANNIE!!! AHHH!!

So I opened it up and got super excited!!! Lady, that picture is awesome!! Im so jealous of your photo-taking abilities... that and all the pretty flowers you get pictures of! Its on my desk right beside the picture of my lizards. (Yes, I am lame) haha. And those books look super interesting. I'm rather excited to read them. I've TOTALLY got an idea of what I'm going to do for you for the next exchange. Muhuhahahaha. *evilly plans and plots*

Anyways... moving along!! I have to work... I don't want to... But at least Jessica is closing... she doesn't really do much of anything really. And I get to see marc again tonight. Tomorrow, I'm off all day, and so Im going to put the lizards waterfall back together, scoop the poops from the snake tank, and generally do some cleaning up around here. Because I'm a slob and you all know it!!
So Marc made me drive home from his house today, and we're going down my backlane, get to my driveway, and HOLY SHIT! MY CAR IS GONE!! I figured it was my sister taking it to work, and I got really mad, so Marc said I dare you to go to futureshop and pick it up. So I did. And I didn't tell her. And when she calls, I'm going to pretend that I didn't leave Marcs house yet, so that she'll think my car got stolen.

I normally wouldn't be such an asshole, but when I bought that car, I told her she could use it IF she cleared it with me first. And since she didn't, she can kiss my ass. And now, her car borrowing priviledges are revoked. ETERNALLY.

Take THAT bitchface!!


She JUST got off work and went outside to find my car gone. she called my house first, and my brother answered, and then right after, she called my cell and asked if I came and picked up my car from her work because she borrowed it this morning. I replied no, me and Marc are just leaving his house now...Then I started talking angrily (not quite yelling) at her about why she took my car in the first place... And then I asked her where it was, and she said she didnt' know, so I said you mean my car is stolen? And she said I guess so... and I said since you took it, you've now bought yourself a 2800 dollar car loan to pay off. And I hung up on her.

How deliciously evil...
We saw mey sister and her friend last night at the movie, and they came and sat wih us. Halfway through, my sister answered and began talking on her cell phone. how rude/embarassing


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